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Offering bounce building resources, because resilient families and communities grow resilient kids!


Healing Expressions

Let’s face it, life is just plain hard sometimes! Everyone will experience adversity at some point. Emotional capacity is the key to navigating adversity well. The more emotional capacity you have, the more hardship you can handle before you get overwhelmed and either melt down, shut down or blow up. The good news is that it is never too late to build more emotional capacity.

Healing Expressions is committed to resourcing families and communities who want to become more resilient and trauma-informed because we believe that resilient communities and families grow resilient kids!

About Healing Expressions

Healing Expressions offers family support services including Art Therapy, Play Therapy,  trauma support, and recovery, resilience building classes and crisis response.

Building Bounce®
Books & Programs

Healing Expressions is committed to providing bounce building resources that promote emotional resilience in children, families and communities.

Trauma Healing Center:
Safe Harbors KC

Healing Expressions LLC is partnering with the Trauma Healing Center to bring trauma healing and recovery services, crisis response training, support groups, and leadership training to the Kansas City area.


Healing Expressions

Healing Expressions LLC provides workshops and training on a variety of topics, including Trauma-Informed Resilience Building Curriculum for Children, Building Emotional Capacity in Yourself and Your Family, and  Understanding Trauma Coping Systems.

Healing Expressions

Children’s Programs

Healing Expressions, LLC offers two trauma-informed Children’s Program Manuals designed to equip facilitators to run bounce building small groups for kids. Manuals are sold with training packages. Stefanie Hinman, ATR-BC, BCCC, will work with you to determine which manual and training package is right for your organization then train your organization on the material. The material included in this ‘train-the-trainer’ program includes the neurobiology of trauma, resilience skills that increase joy and emotional capacity, and how to teach the facets of resilience to kids of all ages, regardless of trauma history.


These Children’s Program Manuals teach resiliency skills in fun and creative ways, engaging both the head and the heart through the hands. Skills are presented through metaphors and story then processed through art and creative expression. Storytelling engages both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Putting words together with feelings, experiences, and expressions build connections in the brain that help children process their own personal story and learn new skills.


Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Hinman


Stefanie Hinman (Board-Certified Christian Counselor and Board Certified Art Therapist) is the founder of Healing Expressions LLC where she works with individuals, families, schools, and organizations in the areas of trauma healing and recovery, crisis intervention, and building resilient kids, families, and communities.

Stefanie has worked with families and children for more than 20 years as they journey through life’s more difficult seasons. She has worked with children in residential foster care, families in hospice care, families facing chronic illness, adult survivors of complex trauma, schools, and many other organizations that work with kids.

Adversity is a part of the human experience, joy is the key to navigating it well. Stefanie’s passion is to help others build joy and emotional resilience so that when adversity comes, they will have the capacity to not only bounce back but bounce forward.


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