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Train-the-Trainer Programs

Healing Expressions LLC offers two trauma-informed Children’s Program Manuals designed to equip facilitators to run bounce building small groups for kids. Manuals are sold with training packages. Stefanie Hinman, ATR-BC, BCCC, will work with you to determine which manual and training package is right for your organization then train your organization on the material.

These Children’s Program Manuals teach resiliency skills in fun and creative ways, engaging both the head and the heart through the hands.

Skills are presented through metaphors and story then processed through art and creative expression. Storytelling engages both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Putting words together with feelings, experiences, and expressions build connections in the brain that help children process their own personal story and learn new skills.

Adult Program

Building Bounce

Life can be really challenging. We all get overwhelmed at times. But some people seem to bounce back from upset emotions faster than most. Are they just born happy? Or is there a secret to building emotional resilience that anyone can learn?

Grow Your Resilience

Now you have an opportunity to join an 8-Week Online Small Group (Deeper Dive) where you will learn how to train your brain by building habits that increase your ability to bounce back from the hard things in life.

How Will I Benefit From Taking This Course?

In this interactive Small Group, you’ll come away with . . .

  • a game plan for growing your own emotional resilience.
  • tools and exercises you can share with others to help them build more ‘bounce.’
  • understanding of how to grow your ‘joy bucket’ and build stronger neural pathways.
  • how to quiet yourself from upsetting emotions.
  • strategies for winning the battle for your mind.
  • guidance on how to form stronger relational connections with God and others.

Children’s Program

Building Bounce with Kids

Programming details coming soon.

Adult Program

Introduction to the Healing Journey

This new Deeper Dive with Stefanie Hinman will be an 8-week introduction to Story Work, which is a key to the Healing Journey.

What exactly is Story Work?

Story Work involves:

• Looking back at our story
• Identifying Trauma A and Trauma B from our story
• Exploring tools for unpacking scenes from our story that hold pain
• Learning how to invite Jesus and other trusted sojourners into the experience so that aloneness is undone, new truth can be applied, and pain is metabolized.

It’s important for you to know that you get to decide what you want to share. This will not be trauma counseling. We will work hard to use our ‘Building Bounce’ skills to stay out of overwhelm.
You will not be asked to reveal every skeleton in your closet! We will explore identifying and renouncing lies, vows and strongholds. You will be given tools that you can take with you on your own healing journey.

Registration Details:

SPACE IS LIMITED: To foster a relational environment and interaction with the presenter, this Deeper Dives is limited to 20 participants.
COST:  The cost per person for this 8-week interactive group is $199.00 ($25 per session). If you prefer, you can make two monthly payments (one when you place your order, then 30 days later).

• Weekly on Tuesdays for eight weeks
• April 9th – June 4th (no class May 21)
• 7:30p-9:00p (Eastern time- please adjust for your time zone).
• Zoom online meeting

Adult Program

Resilient Schools: A 9-Week Expressive Art Program

  • Benefits of an Expressive Arts/Story Based Approach
  • Group Dynamics
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Brain Science of Connection and Sensory Engagement
  • Attunement Skills
  • Connection
  • Quieting
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Body Regulation (understanding the nervous system)
  • Replenishment
  • Social Skills
  • Grit
  • Storytelling-The meaning we make

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